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Could Fever During Pregnancy Cause Autistic Children

Pregnant women are more easily sick or tired because the immune system tends to decrease. However, when you have a fever or even shivering, you should immediately consult a doctor and not be underestimated. Here are some symptoms of fever in pregnant women that should be noted increased body temperature, headaches, muscle aches, dehydration to fatigue, shortness of breath, chills and stiff neck. Risk of Fetal Growth Disorders A study revealed, pregnant women with high fever for one week or more, have a greater risk of giving birth to children with other conditions, showed a link between pregnant women who have the flu and fever with the birth of children with autism. That's because the effect of the virus that causes fever, affects the developing fetus. In theory, symptoms of prolonged fever in pregnant women can cause neurological disorders in the fetus that is born. That is because the fetal growth period is disrupted so that the formation process can run less than perfect
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Air Pollution, Beware of Risks and Adverse Impacts on Health

Air pollution is a global health problem that occurs in various places around the world. The world health agency (WHO) states air pollution as one of the biggest environmental problems that adversely affects the health and survival of living things. Air pollution occurs when the air that is inhaled mixes with toxic substances from vehicle fumes, factory waste, dust, pollen, and other sources of pollution. Air pollution can occur when the environment is contaminated by chemical, physical, and biological substances that change the natural characteristics of the atmosphere. Motorized vehicles, industrial facilities, home stoves and forest fires are the main sources of air pollution. Air pollution itself is divided into two categories, namely air pollution that occurs outdoors and indoors. Examples of outdoor pollution include burning fossil fuels (vehicle and factory fumes), dangerous gases (sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide), and cigarette smoke. While examples of indoo

Improving Air Quality at Home to Prevent Allergies

Air pollution can be easily inhaled not only outdoors, but also when indoors. Houses that look clean may not be free from various sources of pollution. Sources of air pollution or pollutants can come from dust, mold, pollen, cigarette smoke, or pet dander. These pollutants can then trigger health problems, especially worsening the condition of asthmatics and triggering allergic reactions. Not infrequently, pollutants can facilitate the spread of germs that cause diseases such as respiratory infections. Coughing up, sneezing, and breathing problems such as stuffy nose and tightness. Clean the house regularly To reduce the risk of allergies, it is important to do regular cleaning activities. For example, cleaning dust on the carpet or sofa with a vacuum cleaner regularly, avoiding pets reaching the bed area, washing bedding with warm water regularly, and not smoking in the house. Cleaning the house can also improve the quality of the air inside the house. Always clean the area of

Secrets to Skin Care for Younger and Healthy You Need to Know

Not a few numbers of women who crave delicate skin, soft, tight, glowing, and of course healthy for years. But could it happen? May be. Get the secrets of skin care and steps towards healthy, youthful skin here. Although it is recommended to start as a teenager, skin care can be started at any time and at any age. As with body health, the message to prevent better than cure also applies to your skin. Another goal of caring for the skin that also needs to be remembered is to delay the natural process of normal skin aging and begin treatment as soon as possible. So it's never too late if you have never really treated the skin before or do not have much time to do intensive skin care. Here are easy steps that you may already know or realize and how great the benefits for the health and beauty of the skin. Avoid Exposure to Sunlight and Use Sunscreen Considering we live in a tropical area that is vulnerable to direct sunlight and is quite strong, protecting the skin from ultravi

Must Read Before Buying Hearing Aids

Having hearing loss is not the end of everything. Hearing aids can be used to facilitate communication and still be able to interact with the surroundings. As the name suggests, hearing aids play a role in helping users to hear by amplifying the sounds around them, as well as helping users more confident in communicating with others. Digital hearing aids equipped with batteries today are much more modern and will not make users look older. In this tool there is a small microphone that collects sound around it, to then be changed by a computer chip with a speaker that converts the sound into digital code. This code is then analyzed, adjusted and converted back into sound waves to the ear. The device used behind or inside the ear can adjust the volume of the sound to the level of hearing loss, the sound around it, and the needs of each user. Guide before Buying Keep in mind that not everyone who has a hearing loss can be helped with this tool. People who lose conductive hearing, fo